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Affordability--I will have you start by meeting with a professional loan officer to find out what purchase price range you would be comfortable with.

Location--Based on the affordability and your taste I will then show you the listings that are in the market until you find the desirable home. Beside the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), I also keep track of the homes that will come into the market and are yet not in MLS by attending all the local REALTOR meetings. I also provide listings by email.

Fair Price--Next, I will obtain recent sales comparables and current listings in the market and perform a market analysis on the property. Based on that and the market condition I can help you decide on a fair offer price.

Advocacy--Once the offer has been accepted, I will go over all of the disclosures the seller provides with you; manage and coordinate property inspections, if they have not been completed or if you need a second opinion. Process the removal of the contingencies; request for any repairs and manage the close of escrow until I hand you the keys to your new home.

Why work with a REALTOR? As a REALTOR, I am not just a real estate agent. I am a member of local, state and national professional trade associations that have access to the latest laws affecting real estate, attorneys specializing in real estate law for advice and tools to help in marketing.

Under Local Resources Tab you can access information on tax benefits for first time home buyers, proposition 60 & 90, how to report moving expenses and homeowners deduction information. The Buyer and Sellers Guide under Local Resources will also give a more detailed idea of what and who is involved in a real estate transaction.

Closing Costs Closing Costs to Expect:

  • Lender fees include charges for loan processing, underwriting, preparation and establishing an escrow account.
  • Third-party fees include charges for insurance, title search, and other inspections such as termites.
  • Government fees include deed recording and state & local mortgage taxes.
  • Escrow and interest fees include homeowner's insurance, loan interest, real estate taxes, and occasionally private mortgage insurance.

Find out how much your closing costs could be.

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